About the Author

Jenna Bowman is an author of fantasy and romance who dabbles in other genres when the Muse insists.   Jenna has been telling stories as long as she can recall, and as soon as they taught her to put words to paper, she never stopped.

She has been the recipient of two Honorable Mentions in the Writers of the Future contest, and took third place in the 2017 Dragon Comet short story contest by Sibyl’s Scriptorium.   She is currently finishing up a bachelor’s degree in creative writing.

Jenna is also a KDrama and Science Channel addict, a comic book fan, a paladin in World of Warcraft since 2005, a crafter, and a composer of music.

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Volume 4 (2017) of Sibyl’s Scriptorium


She also writes fantasy, sci-fi, and other erotica as J.C. Bond and was once known as Jen Archer.

Current Projects

Empress of Gold #1
Due:11 months ago
Blood of the Sun - Soldaris #1
Due:10 months ago
Servants of the Source #1
Due:11 months ago