Page 254: Shadowfighter Nostalgia Edition Cover Reveal

Surprise cover reveal time!!!   Tomorrow is the official release date of my first real paperbacks!

So.  I did a thing.  I decided that there was no better way to learn CreateSpace and the self-publishing process than to actually try it out.  And so Shadowfighter: Nostalgia Edition was born.   This is the two-volume book I wrote by hand in 10th grade and revised and typed up in my senior year.  It hasn’t changed much since then, and that was a long time ago.   With the oversaturation of the YA Paranormal Romance market, I decided to just put it out there as-is for those of you who have been dying to get your hands on it since high school, and for those of you who might want to get a glimpse into my writing past.

It’s been an awesome learning experience, and honestly, I’m just as excited by having learned a new thing as I am about having a book out there with my name on the cover.

Look forward to all the information about where to buy Shadowfighter: Nostalgia Edition tomorrow!

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