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Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book.  Write a good one.


I saw one of those things on Facebook yesterday.  You know, the inspiring quote put over a lovely picture that can never be attributed to just one originator.   But this one caught my attention because 2016 was particularly rough to me in the second half. The biggest and worst thing to happen to me in 2016 was that my health got worse to the point where I lost my job in November.

I could complain.  I could rail against the powers-that-be and wonder “why me” and hate life for being so cruel when I have all these things I want to accomplish and a body that keeps holding me back.   And I have.  The last two months since losing my job have been bleak indeed.

But New Year’s Day is a time of fresh beginnings and new attitudes.  I have finally accepted the fact that my health is worse, and it is likely going to stay worse.  This is the new physical status quo, whether I like it or not.  And I can either continue to cry, or I can rise up and do my best.

2017 is a blank book, and I get to choose how it is written.  Like any other plot there will be challenges for the protagonist and sometimes it’s going to look bleak and the protagonist will be wounded and discouraged.  But this year, I choose to be the hero of my own story.   This year, I choose to believe that my health getting worse was the Universe saying to me “you still haven’t published?  Well, let’s get rid of that pesky job that’s in the way and get you where you want to be.”   I have to believe in that; the alternative of not believing is too hopeless to consider.

So this year I choose to write a story of belief, of reclaiming my power from the illness that would steal it away.  I hope you can all believe in me too.  <3

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