Sunday Report: July 27

What I’ve accomplished this week:

  • Survived a rather nasty fibromyalgia flare.  Pain is starting to go down, energy and ability to concentrate are going back up.  Sort of.  It’s a process, not an instant “feeling better”.
  • Got more plotting done on the Soldaris Saga.
  • Got more writing done on the Soldaris Saga.
  • Managed to go out and enjoy myself with the family.

What I’d like to accomplish this week:

  • Keep recovering from the flare-up.
  • Finish the sorting of the GLIIH.  It’s been a more intensive project than I expected.
  • Finish my reworking of the story to submit to the Writers of the Future contest.
  • Write and submit a very short story for a contest on a blog I follow.
  • Get all my blog posts this week.
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