LTUE 32: Saturday

Saturday, 15 Feb. 2014- Sessions Attended

  • Who Influenced Me As a Writer- Holli Anderson, Tom Carr, Jessica Day George, L.E. Modesitt Jr., Peter Orullian, with Eric Swedin moderating
  • Wrapping Things Up-  Bree Despain, Megan Hutchins, Janci Patterson, Brandon Sanderson, Michael Young, with Chad Morris moderating
  • Reading: Janci Patterson
  • Verisimilitude: How Illusions, Confidence Games, and Skillful Lying Can Improve Your Fiction-  Presentation by Deren Hansen
  • Banquet- with Toastmaster Brandon Sanderson


Best points picked up from Who Influenced Me:

  • Read outside your genre, and read people who are doing things well
  • Learn to be your own best critic
  • Know the difference between valid criticism and internet traffic-seekers
  • If you don’t like the book in the first five pages, don’t waste your time

Best points from Wrapping Things Up:

  • If you can’t end your story well, what’s the point?
  • Fulfill your promises
  • Make your ending make sense
  • It is okay to have something besides a happy ending- as long as there is sense to it
  • Ending doesn’t have to be good in the first draft
  • Don’t get obsessed with the “perfect” ending
  • Always listen to what your beta readers still want to know at the end
  • Don’t force it
  • Always answer the narrative question

Best Points from Verisimilitude:

  • How well does the story create the illusion of reality?
  • The art of illusion is directing the reader’s attention
  • In late, out early
  • Sustain the illusion- don’t jar people out of it with incompetent wordsmithing or botched details

Overall, had a blast, got a lot of good things out of it.  Looking forward to LTUE 33 in February of next year.  And if I’m lucky, I might even get to present a paper of my own.  We’ll see….

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