Character Highlight: Karin

Today is one of my favorite secondary characters that I’ve ever had.  🙂 She’s one of those who could have a novel all of her own.  And might, someday.

Name: Karin Menette (Averill)
Project: Soldaris Saga

Occupation:  Paladin, mother, instructor at the Academy
Physical Features:  Long brown hair usually braided elaborately, clear gray eyes, fairly tall for a woman, athletic build
Personality:  Stubborn, good-natured, friendly, determined, motherly
Strengths:  Sharp mind, talent for combat, compassion, ability to see the other person’s viewpoint
Weaknesses:  Sometimes loves too deeply/inappropriately, holds herself back
Favorite color(s): White, gold, navy blue, green
Accomplishments:  One of a handful of elite women who became paladins before King Althon’s decree removing limitations that made it harder for women to get into the Academy, First Officer to the Commander of the first all-female unit at the Academy, widowed mother who managed to make something of herself and a life for her children
Biggest Fear(s):  Bad things happening to her children, the enemy winning
Dreams:  Fulfilling the things she was given in a vision and going back to a quiet life as wife and mother, winning the conflict to secure a future for her children

  • One daughter, as of yet unnamed
  • One son, unnamed
  • Mother, unnamed widow, who encouraged Karin to go to the Academy and takes care of the kids
  • First husband Jare Menette (deceased, also a paladin)
  • Second husband Dagon Averill (Commandant of the Academy)
  • Taerwyn Davies (“adopted” sister)


  • Nikolai Darbon, the paladin bard
  • Thorven Soldaris
  • Rohin
  • Liana
  • Harkes
  • Niveon Davies (Taerwyn’s brother)
  • Mikael Helron (deceased)


  • The big bad and minions (of course)
  • Detractors who think she should have a much different life


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