Book of the Week: Drawing out the Dragons

(So a note about my book of the week posts: they’re not meant to be reviews.  They’re more about what I’ve gotten out of the books as a writer.  If you want reviews, especially spoiler-free, I highly recommend Goodreads instead.)

Today’s book is Drawing out the Dragons, by James A. Owen.   It’s a short, beautiful little hardcover book with the tagline “a meditation on art, destiny, and the power of choice”.    It only takes about an hour to read, but much longer (and perhaps a second or third read-through) to digest it all properly.

At first I felt like there was some “look how lucky I am” going on in the narrative.  But as I continued to read, and see just how the power of choice came into play, there was less resentment for my own unlucky, undesirable situation and more admiration for what this talented artist and writer has been able to do with his life.

Reading this book now, given where I am within The Artist’s Way, felt like nothing short of synchronicity.   Or serendipity.  Whichever you want to call it.  I came out of this book feeling more determined than ever before to make creativity work with me and for me.  And I now know the secret to drawing which I’m just not going to reveal here.

For me, the whole book can be distilled down to three important ideas that may become a personal mantra:

  1. Never give up, and never settle for something less than your dream.
  2. There is always a choice, and the choices you make determine your path.
  3. You are more likely to get what you want from the Universe if you make your desires known.

Now, Mr. Owen put this all into much more poetic language than I, and I highly encourage everyone who can to buy a copy of this book.  It is for the creative and non-creative alike, and will leave a person feeling inspired.

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