Character Highlight: Meredin

So I literally just made a list of all of my characters that I could think of and rolled a d20 (20-sided die for those not fluent in D&D-speak).  So it’s possible that I may end up with characters I might not have otherwise immediately thought of for these highlights.  Today is a perfect example.  I think Meredin is probably one of my most underrated characters.  I don’t doubt that she’ll have more of a story to tell in the future.  It’s just not all that refined yet.


Name:  Meredin, Sister/Mother Meredin
Project: Soldaris Saga

Occupation: Member of the Council of Mothers, Virtuous Order of the Sisters of the Unfailing Light
Physical Features: dark hair, golden-brown eyes, short and muscular, commanding posture
Personality: no-nonsense and demanding, dry and sometimes seemingly non-existent sense of humor, proud, tough but fair, compassion that runs deep even if not obvious on the surface
Strengths: Very talented at hand-to-hand combat, quick mind, dedicated to her Order and its causes
Weaknesses:  jealous, has a very difficult time making friends
Favorite color(s): lavender, indigo, white, gray
Accomplishments:  Rose through the ranks of the Sisters to become one of the ranking members in a relatively short time, devoted guardian of the birthplace of magic and seat of knowledge
Biggest Fear(s): That all her hard work will have been for nothing if evil manages to overcome the world
Dreams: That someday there will be peace enough to pursue academic pursuits more than the skills necessary for war

  • Matriarch Ianda (biological mother, not just spiritual)
  • Unnamed father who was a paladin, died before she was born


  • Thorven Soldaris
  • Taerwyn Davies (also a rival)
  • Sandry Helron (also a rival)
  • Benedine
  • Cassia
  • Meglan


  • The great evil that everyone is fighting, and all its subordinates
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