Sunday Report for July 6

All right.  Sort of hit bottom again on the depression about a week and a half ago.  Don’t know why.  But getting back on the horse.  Because to keep going really is the only thing I can do if I’m going to get anywhere.

What I’ve accomplished the past (two) week(s):

  • Dug into my journals since 2009 and came up with a fairly comprehensive list of projects available to me just from ideas I’ve already had, without having to come up with any new ones.  Henceforth and forever referred to as the Giant List of Ideas I’ve Had or GLIIH.  (How do you pronounce that?  “Glee”? “Gluh”?)
  • Enjoyed having family in from out of town for Independence Day here in the States.
  • Started Camp Nanowrimo and am totally “pantsing” it (flying by the seat of my pants).   I am also discovering that I am not a pantser when it comes to writing.

What I’d like to get accomplished this week:

  • Get back on the horse with The Artist’s Way because I fell off with depression.
  • Tentative outline so that I’m not pantsing Camp Nanowrimo anymore.
  • Word count goals for Camp.
  • Go through the GLIIH and separate it into short story, novella, novel, and series ideas.
  • Finish expanding the story that got rejected by Sword and Sorceress and submit it to Writers of the Future contest.
  • Backlog.  (Yeah, I know this one is always on here and never gets done…)
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