Character Highlight: Thomas Moore

Today’s character highlight goes back to one of my oldest projects.  This is how things stand currently.  With the way I’m thinking of revisiting, revising, and rewriting the whole thing, however…  Some of this is definitely subject to change!

Name:  Thomas Moore
Project:  The YA project that was titled Shadowfighter before I discovered Cassandra Clare (new name yet to be determined) Physical Features: Dark hair, pale blue-gray eyes, tall, martial-artist’s musculature, quite handsome

Personality:  Focused, intense, dedicated, driven to protect, enjoys the finer things, passionate but hides it behind work, takes himself too seriously, commanding presence, demanding

Strengths:  Martial arts awesomeness, musical talent, leadership

Weaknesses:  Bad temper, sometimes allows passions to rule, other times forgets how to be human when there’s a mission to get done, overprotective, sometimes expects too much from others

Favorite color(s): Blue, black, gray, metallic grays, white

Accomplishments: Youngest of the Masters within his faction, managed to graduate high school and is attending college while supporting his younger sister and fighting evil

Biggest Fear(s):  That more family and friends will be destroyed because of their association with him and his involvement in the good vs. evil conflict

Dreams:  That someday he’ll get to be ‘normal’ and have a job teaching college and a family


  • Sarah Moore, high school-aged sister whom Thomas supports
  • Mrs. Moore, mother who is comatose in a long-term care facility
  • Andrea Moore, twin sister (deceased)
  • Mr. Moore, father (deceased)


  • Erin Allen
  • Brad Greene
  • Ryan Mitchell
  • Melissa  Parker


  • Arliss, leader of the Shadow
  • James Drexell
  • Samantha Reynolds
  • Katherine (never figured out her last name)
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