Sunday Report for June 15

What I got accomplished this past week:

  • Cleaning my space.  It’s taken a lot of spoons to do (time and energy), so there hasn’t been a lot of energy devoted to other things.
  • With cleaning my space has come some cleansing of my spirit.   Finding a spiritual/emotional center is going to help me balance the rest of my life.  (And by spiritual, I don’t mean religious.)  I’m trying to meditate more often.  Trying to be more connected to the world around me and the people who love me.  I’ve started keeping a gratitude journal, but instead of listing three things I’m grateful for, I’m taking a past-present-future approach.  One good thing that happened today, one thing I’m grateful for right now, and one thing I’m looking forward to.
  • Been working on the Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.
  • I’ve been reviewing the state of my projects and reading over some old work.  I think I’m finally no longer pissed off at the Soldaris project, so I’ll be getting back to work on that.   I have some other ideas that are floating in my head waiting to be put to paper.
  • Started in on building up a backlog of posts.  Right now it’s mostly Wednesday articles, but it’s expanding.

What I’m planning for this week:

  • Continuing building on the foundation I’ve started to lay down here, balancing the emotional and spiritual.  Would like to add the physical back in soon, but have been going through a pretty bad fibromyalgia flare-up.  I think I want to start doing yoga again, now that I have the space to do so in my own room.   Making a goal to do it at least once this week.  (Starting small and achievable!)
  • Continuing in The Artist’s Way.  It’s been doing good things for me, however slowly I may be moving with it.
  • Continuing to build my backlog.
  • Getting a comprehensive, organized list of my projects put together, instead of just a mental inventory, so I can build something workable and even financially profitable out of it.
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