Article: Locus Magazine’s Recommended Reading List

One of the leading magazines in the science fiction and fantasy genres is Locus.   Every year at the beginning of the year they publish a list of the best reading in the genre from the previous year.   But they don’t just stop at novels.  Science-fiction and fantasy are, obviously, separated.  But they take it further, splitting works by length, audience (i.e. YA vs. regular adult),  non-fiction, art, anthologies, etc.  It’s a comprehensive list for those who want to know what’s considered the best by industry leaders.

So presented without further commentary:

Locus Magazine’s 2013 Recommended Reading List

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  1. Thank you for mentioning this list. I did not know it. It is amazing how much from that list man made it onto the hugo Ballon, so I would not be surprised if mary of the vorher listed works are very good reading Material.

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