Character Highlight: Taerwyn Davies

Okay, so I’m a day late on this one.  I just couldn’t decide on a character to highlight, and then I couldn’t decide on a format.  Now I have a list made up and Mondays will be a lot easier.

Today’s character highlight is the main character from my epic romantic fantasy series.  I’m basing this off of what I know and what I’ve written, but it could be subject to change before I’m finished and published.   I really enjoy writing for this character.  She’s got a gothic heroine feel to her and I really like working with that.

Name: Taerwyn Davies (Taerwyn Soldaris)
Project:  Soldaris Saga

Features: long blonde hair, green eyes, athletic build, average height

Personality:  compassionate, intelligent, loyal, determined/stubborn/headstrong, caring, emotional

Strengths: Learns quickly, sings well, loyal to the end with her friends, determined to see her calling in life fulfilled

Weaknesses: Can over-react emotionally, is physically smaller/weaker than most of her colleagues or enemies, sometimes lets her stubbornness get her into trouble, goes charging in to get things done without thought to consequences

Favorite color(s): blue, green, purple, maroon, gold, silver, white

Accomplishments:  Full Sister in the Virtuous Order of the Sisters of the Unfailing Light, Paladin of the Holy Defenders of the Moon

Biggest Fear(s):  That she will make the wrong choice and her whole world will suffer for it

Dreams:  Already accomplished her dream of becoming a paladin, and now dreams of saving the world and starting a family with Thorven


  • Lord Caeldon Davies, father
  • Lady Ilena Davies  (deceased), mother
  • Sir Niveon Davies, brother
  • Sir Mikael Helron  (deceased), fiancé
  • Sister Sandry Helron, would-have-been sister-in-law
  • Prince Thorven Soldaris, husband


  • Sister Benedine of the Sisters
  • Sister Meglan
  • Sister Cassia
  • Sister Meredin
  • Matriarch Ianda, leader of the Sisters
  • Sir Dagon, paladin and instructor at the Academy
  • Lady Karin, paladin and Sir Dagon’s wife
  • Sir Nikolai, the paladin bard
  • Lady Liana, sorceress of the first order
  • Sir Rohen, First Son of the Desert
  • Master Harkes, enigma extraordinaire
  • Mistress Levanda, Mistress of the kitchens at the Academy


  • Ar’koun, old god of destruction, chaos, and war
  • Empress Shi’allon, leader of the savage people to the north
  • Lothair, Thorven’s dark paladin/traitor brother and Empress Shi’allon’s consort
  • Moragall, oldest son of Shi’allon and Lothair
  • Others who don’t have names yet



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