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I have more LTUE posts coming; I’m just getting them polished up.   In the meantime, I’d like to take a moment and talk about what I want to do here in the next couple of weeks.

I haven’t updated this blog as regularly as I might like, because I write when an idea for something to talk about hits me.   If you follow me on Facebook then you might recall that not too long ago, I asked what people might want to see from my blog.  From that short list, I’ve started to develop a list of regular features that I want to do.   I’m going to be implementing these changes and probably updating the way the blog looks once I’ve finished my LTUE write-ups.

But before I do that, I want to give everyone who might not follow me on Facebook a chance to weigh in as well.   What do you want to hear me talk about?  What do you want to see in terms of content?   I’ve updated my current poll page with a contact form.   You can even be completely anonymous if you like.  You can also leave a comment on this post.

Here’s what I’ve got so far for regular feature ideas:

  • What I’m Working On (progress report)
  • Excerpt of the week (from my writing)
  • Character profile of the week
  • What I’m reading this week
  • Book of the week (could be a review or just a highlight) (replaces my ill-fated and overly ambitious Books of the Month)
  • What I’m listening to while I write (aka playlists)
  • Writing class of the week (talking about a certain element of the craft)
  • Writing related article of the week (highlighting an article from other sources, could also be guest bloggers)

Features that would  happen less regularly (once a month or so):

  • Highlighting (other) Writers Doing Good Things
  • Talking about side projects like maps, other art, or music that I’m writing
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