LTUE 32: A Brief Summary

Life, the Universe, and Everything 32 was pretty awesome.  I really enjoyed the panels that I attended.  Some felt like refresher courses in things I already knew about writing (which is not a bad thing), some were informative, and others, like the readings I attended, were simply fun.  In between, I got to do some networking and hang out with cool people.   Right now I’m just going to tell you which panels and presentations I went to.  Later I’m going to touch on some of the things I got out of each day that were most relevant to me.  

Thursday, 13 Feb. 2014

  • Writing Natural Dialogue- Derrick Duncan, David Powers King, Heather B. Moore, Diann T. Read, Candace J. Thomas, with Karen C. Evans moderating
  • How to Make Up Martial Arts- Michaelbrent Collings, Valerie Mechling, Samuel Stubbs, with Adam Meyers moderating
  • All About Armor- Scott Bascom, Kevin H. Evans, Heather B. Moore, with Dan Willis moderating
  • Queries- Peggy Eddleman, Jenni James, C. Michelle Jefferies, Christopher Loke, Shallee McArthur, with Jaclyn M. Hawkes moderating
  • How to Write a Villain- Robert J. Defendi, Aaron Johnston, Heather Ostler, Charlie Pulsipher, with Helge Moulding moderating
  • Language Creation Workshop- Dirk Elzinga, professor of linguistics at BYU

Friday, 14 Feb. 2014

  • Reading: Sandra Tayler
  • Query Workshop
  • Writing Fantasy: Using Words to Build Worlds-  A paper presented by Douglas Whittaker (a good friend of mine, yay!)
  • The Rules for Writing Magic- John Brown, Al Carlisle, Teri Hartman, Brandon Sanderson, Natalie Whipple, with Emily Martha Sorensen moderating
  • Mass Autograph Signing

Saturday, 15 Feb. 2014

  • Who Influenced Me As a Writer- Holli Anderson, Tom Carr, Jessica Day George, L.E. Modesitt Jr., Peter Orullian, with Eric Swedin moderating
  • Wrapping Things Up-  Bree Despain, Megan Hutchins, Janci Patterson, Brandon Sanderson, Michael Young, with Chad Morris moderating
  • Reading: Janci Patterson
  • Verisimilitude: How Illusions, Confidence Games, and Skillful Lying Can Improve Your Fiction-  Presentation by Deren Hansen
  • Banquet- with Toastmaster Brandon Sanderson
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