An update on this draft…

So I was rolling along pretty dang well for a bit there, and then suddenly I get stuck.  I’m stuck for three days or so… and then when I finally get unstuck, I have an epiphany that makes me cry out of sheer frustration.

This stupid book wants to be split in half, have both halves expanded, and become two books.   This makes what was going to be three books into four (or more, depending on what the subsequent books do to me in the writing).

Now, this is okay in the long run.  It really is.  I thought about it a lot before deciding to go ahead and give the series what it wants.  But in the short run, I hit that point the other night in the novel-writing process where I hate this stupid book and I want to throw it out the window and it needs to DIE IN A FIRE NOW.

So in desperation, I reached out to twitter.  And then nearly died of fangirl-ing when I got an answer back that I less-than-half-expected.  


So.  Needless to say, I got back to it even though I wanted to cry, because when the guy who won last year’s Hugo for Best Novel tells you to keep going… It’s not a bad idea to listen.

To my beta readers, who are anxiously awaiting this draft, I apologize.  It’s going to be just a few more days while I figure out where to split the book and get that first half expanded.

I’m just hoping that I can get this done with enough time to still attend a pitch session at LTUE in mid-February.  I really, really, really need that big break if I can manage to get it.  Lots of work ahead of me in the next five weeks.  Wish me luck; I’m going to need it.

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