Whee cold!

There are fun parts to having a cold.  

Like dreams.  Some of my best story-seed dreams have come out of times where I had a low-grade (or not so low) fever.  Nothing yet this time around.  Sort of hoping that if I have to be sick I’ll at least get something like that out of it!  I do write the dreams that would make good stories down, so if there is something that comes out of it, at least I’ll be able to revisit it later. 

Writing in general is coming along slowly at the moment.   Nothing slows down writing like getting a cold or the flu on top of a chronic condition.  And while I like to think I’m starting to feel better today; the dark circles under my eyes and the way that my bed still calls my name suggest otherwise.  I may contemplate a nap before attempting any more writing today. 

I’ve figured out that I’m probably going to need to scrap what I’ve written of the chapter I’m on and start it over again with a different approach.  It’s not flowing right.  The events of the chapter are going to be the same, but the way I’m taking it on isn’t working.  I feel stuck, and that’s not just the feverish inability to focus.  

So between that and the cold I may need to push the completion of this draft back a few days.  It’s still going to be nice to have a draft finished before the end of the year.  The fun part is when I send this draft off to my beta readers soon… and get to start the next draft of the next book.  

I have a few other things I want to blog about.  But later, when my thoughts aren’t so illness-fuzzy. 

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