Day 10.

Had an odd Friday/Saturday that consisted of a bad fibromyalgia flare-up and my not remembering much or being able to think very well.  This is known as fibro fog, and it’s almost worse than the constant pain.  The pain has also very much been present, as well as the dratted sensory hypersensitivity that makes it all worse.   Needless to say, it had NOT been a very productive weekend so far.  It’s hard to sit and type for any amount of time in that condition.  I managed maybe a total of 200 words on Friday and Saturday.

Today I woke up and took a look at my word count to find that I was exactly 4k words behind of the 16,667 I need to be at by the end of today.  And although I am still very much foggy and in pain, there’s this little part of me that refused to bow down to the tyranny of the fibro.  I’m still not caught up yet but I’m getting there.

One of the biggest challenges I’m facing in the writing itself at this point is that the last few hundred words I’ve written have revealed to me that the way I had my magic system, and the way the magic system actually is in this world, are very different things indeed.  Now, I’m content to keep the new way, because it’s better and it’s awesome. But it’s requiring a shift in thought and a shift in outlining because it changes the entire course of things.  I’ve not had much brainpower for paradigm shifts these past few days, so instead of flowing the way the previous 12k words had, now it feels like every word is being extracted like a stubborn tooth without anesthesia.

I’m tempted to scrap the idea, delete the last few hundred words, and use it in a different book.  It’s got merit, but I’m not sure that it belongs in the story that I already had going.  However, I feel like I could maybe build an entire different world around a magic system like that.    I’m going to need SOMETHING to work on after I’ve finished this series, after all.   So I guess I have a decision to make today… and might need to spend more time writing than anticipated to catch up.

Thank goodness I am just awesome enough to pull it off, right?

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