Nanowrimo, four days in

I’m sitting at the end of day four, with a word count of 7,691.  This is ahead of the average of 6,666 for day four, but less than where I need to be by the end of day five (8,333).   I thought about pressing onward tonight, but I realized that I haven’t been keeping my readers up to date here on the blog.  Since I’m at the end of a chapter, I’m taking the time to do that now.

This is, so far, the most successful Nanowrimo push that I’ve had since 2009.   I’m continuing on with the Soldaris Saga (which was what I started for Nano in 2009, ironically enough) and it’s going very smoothly.  All the planning that I’ve been doing over the last four years has really allowed me to take the story and run like the wind.  I’d be even more ahead if I’d done anything at all on Friday after I woke up, or on Saturday.

For those who want to follow my progress, I’m updating my word count periodically on Twitter and on my Facebook page, and here’s my word count widget:

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