a small update

The bad news is that I haven’t gotten any of my Comic-Con processing done here on the blog or any blogging done whatsoever in a few days…  The good news is that I had another job interview late this past week,  and instead of the second part-time job I was expecting to get, I came out of it with a full-time job with benefits.   I am thrilled about this.   I start on Monday morning, so I might be a little scarce for the five weeks that I’m in training (and moving closer to the job because it’s too much of a commute for me to do regularly).    Once I’m done with training, though, I anticipate having a decent amount of time to write.

I’ll blog when I can, but I’m sure it’s understandable if I want to use what little time I anticipate having to write actually doing work on finishing this draft of my book, right?

Speaking of my book, I’m thinking of putting up the first chapter sometime soon.  Yes, it’s a shameless tease as I get ready to submit the first three chapters to an agent/publisher, so stay tuned!

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