Reading as a Writer: September 2013

August was a little bit of a failure in terms of making it through my book list.   But in my defense, it was also the most stressful month I’ve had since I got divorced.  Things are looking up now, and stress has been cut in half.  I still didn’t get much reading done, although I imagine having more time for reading and writing this month.   Also, I have a commute now, so audio books will be completed more easily.

So a lot of the books on this month’s list might look a little familiar.  Several of them even got partially read during August, just not completed.

The list: (in no particular order)

An asterisk (*) denotes that  a book is being read for a particular purpose to serve the projects I discussed earlier.

Classic of the Month

  • The Metamorphosis– Franz Kafka

Fiction, Adult

  • Dragons of Autumn Twilight– Tracy Hickman
  • The Deed of Paksenarrion- Elizabeth Moon
  • Nebula Awards Showcase 2013– ed. Catharine Asaro*
  • The Courtship of Princess Leia– Dave Wolverton (Farland)

Fiction, Young Adult

  • The Little Prince– Antoine de Saint Exupery
  • The Rithmatist- Brandon Sanderson


  • A History of Warfare– John Keegan*
  • Living the Martial Way– Forrest E. Morgan*

On Writing/Self-help

  • The Artist’s Way (chapters 1-5)- Julia Cameron*
  • The Right to Write- Julia Cameron
  • Bird by Bird- Anne Lamott
  • Drawing out the Dragons- James A. Owen


  • Here, There Be Dragons- James A. Owen
  • Fablehaven- Brandon Mull

Visual Stories (comics, manga, graphic novels)

  • Codename Sailor V– Takeuchi Naoko


  • Asimov’s– August 2013*
  • Analog– September 2013*
  • Glimmer Train– Summer 2013*
  • Writer’s Digest– July/August 2013
  • Poets & Writers– May/June 2013
  • The Writer– July 2013
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