A quick question for my readers

Disclaimer: This is not the announcement of the start of a project.  This is determining if there is enough interest to make running a project campaign worth it.

Lately I’ve been thinking about using Kickstarter to help fund the self-publishing of one or more of my fantasy/supernatural books.  (There are other crowdfunding options out there, yes, but I’m leaning toward Kickstarter because of its emphasis on creative works.)

I’m curious about a) if there would be any interest in my limited readership in supporting such a venture, b) if there is interest, what sort of rewards for being a backer you might like to see,  and c) if anyone has any experience in this that they’d like to share.

Kickstarter is awesome because the way it’s designed, backers of your project receive some sort of reward from the one doing the fundraising/producing the product.  Obviously, autographed copies of the work I’m producing are at the top of the rewards list.  But if I were to run a project, what sort of more creative options would you like to see available?  I’m looking at dinner with the author (my treat) being the reward for maybe the top two or three backers, or maybe an autographed hard cover book instead of the paperback I’d do for the $15 level… If I can get the cover artist to agree to it, I’d love to offer a print of the cover art or something…

What sort of rewards would you like to get if you decided to pledge your support to helping me realize my dream?  Feel free to be liberal with your comments both here and on my Facebook, and don’t forget to take the poll!

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2 Replies to “A quick question for my readers”

  1. Things I seen while surfing kickstarter
    Autograph prints of book
    Autograph prints of art
    Highest bidder gets declaration page
    A shirt with a pierce of your cover art (or if your book has illustrations in it) or your title on the front
    For x amount their name will go on a page with other people that donated

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