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Life has been super-busy lately, but I wanted to give everyone a brief update on where I stand with my writing projects. 

  • Soldaris Saga: This is my epic new-adult fantasy series.  Working on the rewrite of book one, the first draft of book two, and the pre-writing of book three.   Trying to figure out if it will be longer than three books or not.  This is the project that is flowing with the fewest problems right now.
  • Shadowfighter: Working on draft number six of this YA novel I’ve been working on since high school.  (No, I am not saying how long that has been.)  Shadowfighter is currently in that spot where I either need to polish and submit, or let it go forever.  I’ve chosen to polish and submit.  Outlining continues on this rewrite, and the rewrite itself is coming along in a beautiful (if slow) way.
  • Short stories: Currently working on two feminist fantasy stories for Sword and Sorceress for 2014, and trying to find a market for the one I submitted in 2012 and got the awesome encouraging rejection letter for. Also pre-writing on two or three science-fiction stories that I’d love to submit to Asimov’s or something before the end of the year.  And don’t forget the Power Rangers fanfiction for my son, not that that’s something I can publish.
  • Contests:  Trying to pick from the short stories I’m working on to send to Writers of the Future.  Thinking of attempting something humorous. Might need some beta readers for that one, and I will keep everyone updated.
  • Self-marketing: I have finally made my official page on Facebook, and I’m trying to be more diligent about tweeting and updating this blog.  It’s about all the self-promotion I feel comfortable doing before I have a solid product to deliver, but I think it’s a good start.
  • Networking:  Going to Salt Lake Comic Con in a little over a month.  Oh yeah.  Hoping to meet some new people, hand out my business card, get my copy of Dragons of Autumn Twilight autographed by Tracy Hickman… Also, I am totally working on getting up enough courage to treat fellow writers as colleagues instead of doing the hero-worship thing.  I think the best thing I can do for my networking right now is learn how not to be so starstruck.
  • Having a product:  I have been going through older works and looking to see what I can complete/polish up to self-publish through Kindle Direct and the like.  My ultimate goal is to be picked up by a big publishing house like Tor or Baen, but with the changes in both attitude toward and ease of self-publishing, I would like to get some other works out there that I don’t think would necessarily be picked up by a big publisher for whatever reason.  This doesn’t mean I’d deliver an inferior story, but it might be more niche or even just a good story in an over-saturated market such as YA supernatural.  I’ve thought of releasing Shadowfighter this way when I’m ready to publish that one.

As far as that last one goes, what do you guys think?  Many of you do know me from when I used to write in high school/college- would you buy an e-book from me?  I could move self-publishing up on the priority list quite easily if there is enough interest.  🙂

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