Time to head to camp

Camp Nanowrimo, that is.  The summer event is so much more laid back than the main event in November.  I’m a few days behind, but that’s okay.  I don’t think I’m shooting for the full 50k words with everything that I have to do this month (find a new job, find a new apartment, etc.).  A good 20k goal ought to do enough to push me to write without feeling overwhelmed.

I’ve decided I’m going to work on the rewrite of the Soldaris saga this month, and probably continue it into the August session of Camp Nano as well.  I’ve finally moved past that point where I’m too sick of it to work on it and back into being excited about the project again.  This makes me happier than I can express.

If you’d like to track my progress, you can do so on my Camp Nanowrimo profile page.

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