A labor…

So after a terrible stretch of stress-induced block, it seems that I’ve finally found my inspiration again.

It’s for the story I’ve been wrestling with for Sword and Sorceress this year.  The submission deadline is a week from today.  I have days, possibly weeks, of research to do in a matter of a couple of days while simultaneously writing the rest of the rough draft, and then I have to revise and polish polish polish! My hope is to have something I feel good about sending off by Thursday.  I don’t want to cut it as close as the last day and the last hour.  But the encouraging thing?  Once I hit on the idea, the outline wrote itself within an hour, and the first draft is half-formed already.  (Which is fantastic, except for the whole staying up all night doing my research because I’m so excited about the idea thing!)

I am convinced this makes me rather quite insane.

But I am also convinced that every waking minute that I am not at work or not studying for my big certification exam on Tuesday is going to be spent with this story until I am so sick of it that I can’t wait to submit it and get it out of my hands for a while.   Writing is a lot like pregnancy and giving birth in that way.  Yeah, the process of making your baby can be kind of pleasant, but by the time you’re nearing the end, you are so ready to be done with being pregnant.   Looks like I’m going into labor, to continue the analogy here.   Wish me the best of luck.  🙂

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