Wow.  I never realized just how genre-bound I was until I got into a class where fantasy and any other genre fiction is strictly forbidden.  It’s been crazy trying to find ideas for literary fiction that don’t bore me to death.   I love playing goddess; I’m not nearly as keen on the idea of illustrating a slice of life.    It’s been a real challenge to force myself into that mental space, with deadlines.  I have a list of ideas for stories, but keeping the supernatural elements out of things is extremely difficult.

Also, speaking of challenges, NaNoWriMo is coming up!  I’m excited.  I have to redeem myself after last year.  Still don’t know if I’m working on the Soldaris Saga, giving Shadowfighter a complete re-write, or working on a different project sort of inspired by Doctor Who.

I’ve also thought of doing Doctor Who fanfiction, but there’s something in me that insists on being original rather than derivative.  Still, if I have to start over as I’ve ended up doing for the last three years, it’s an attractive option.  It’s been years since I’ve written any fanfiction, but fanfic is how I taught myself to write.   I can’t hate on it.  People who do hate on fanfic just don’t recognize its value as a learning tool and an exercise.   And hey, there are some people who get paid to write fanfiction.  Star Trek, Star Wars, many different games, even comic books….  Fanfiction’s nothing to simply dismiss, even if a good amount of it is poorly-written slashfic.

Anyway.  Didn’t mean to go off on a tangent like that.  I just felt the need to spill some thoughts about writing and my current challenges.    Now it’s back to work; I have to have something written by Wednesday afternoon, and preferably something better than my last workshop…

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