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This is going to be one of those posts where I work out where I’m thinking at the moment.   Figuring out where to start is often one of the things I have the most trouble with when writing.  Usually once I have a start, the rest can just flow for a while.  It’s coming up with that starting point that’s difficult.  The first book of the Soldaris Saga is begging to be written for the August session of Camp Nanowrimo.

Wish me luck.  What I start on Monday is a long road to reaching out and finally grabbing my dreams.

I guess a good place to start, and it usually is with my work, is in medias res.   When I wrote the fourth book of the saga for regular Nanowrimo two years ago (not expecting it to become this epic), I began on the battlefield.  It was effective, and while I’ve played around with it some since, beginning in the middle of the action has stayed.

The first book is about a young Thorven Soldaris, and his path away from his birthright as crown prince and toward a more important role as a paladin.    It is also about the beginnings of the war that continues right up until resolution of the saga.   I have enough figured out of the plot that if I can just come up with that opening sentence, the opening paragraph, the rest should fall into place behind it.

Do I start it off with another battle?  Do I throw us into the stirrings of war in enemy lands right away?  Do I fall right into training with Thorven, or the precipitating event that sets him on the path of abdicating the throne to his brother while he goes off to save the world?   I’m sure that I’ll figure this out before Monday.


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2 Replies to “In the beginning…”

  1. I do find that the first sentence is the hardest. From the few hints you gave above, I would recommend starting with action. You’re good at that. It gets the ball rolling immediately, and nothing is more compelling in a story than to start with a great big epic battle. Have you considered a flashback? I know they can be difficult to pull off, but it could give you the best of both worlds. At least in the rough draft. Just a thought. ~Lisa

    1. Thanks for the feedback, sis. I’m reluctant to use a flashback, because doing a flashback right can definitely be difficult, especially as the opening for a series. But the idea is worth consideration. 🙂

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